Black Belt Club Workshop – May 19th, 2024

Join Sifu Sam and our Black Belt Club students in a 2 hour workshop covering advanced material from the Kids MA program. Kids new to the program can use this opportunity to experience the advanced classes firsthand, and see if they want to work towards it. Register online, or at the front desk! Date: Sunday,…

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Super Hero Training – Parents’ Night Out!

May 11th – ‘Super Hero Training’ Parents’ Night Out Super Hero Training (Parent’s Night Out) Saturday, May 11th. Give mom a night off before Mother’s Day! Kids will go through a super hero training course, make super hero costume crafts, and more! Snacks will be provided but we recommend kids bring their own dinner. For: Ages…

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March 2024 4-Week Boot Camp Challenge March 3rd to March 29th, 2024 This dynamic program shreds fat with kickboxing and boxing classes and builds and tones muscle with High Intensity Interval Training, kettlebells, dumbells, and much more so you burn more calories all day long. “… FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I ACTUALLY…

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MKG Closing For 7 Days Due to Public Health Crisis

Urgent: Coronavirus ‘7 Day Closure’, Changes and Overall Protocol Dear Valued MKG Member, Please read this to the end. We hope that you’ve been monitoring, and researching, what is going on with this global pandemic. More important than that we hope you, your family and loved ones are all doing okay! To be proactive and…

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Seattle Savate French Kickboxing Workshop

Savate / French Kickboxing With Professor Salem Assli Date: September 21st and 22nd, 2019 Time: Saturday 12 pm to 4:30 pm Sunday 12 pm to 4:30 pm Sale Price:  $160 Both Days or $100 for one day (Reg. $175 for both days $100 for one day) Professor Salem is a full instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto…

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MKG Family Muay Thai Class

NEW MKG Family Muay Thai Class!   Have you ever wished there was a fun, rewarding, physically and mentally challenging activity that both you and your kids could participate in and enjoy…together??? For years we’ve been asked if we had ‘family classes’ and until now we’ve had to say no… Great news! We are very…

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Rick Faye Seminar April 2017


EMERGENCY UPDATE: READ BELOW Guro Rick Faye: April 8-9, 2017   2 Day Seminar featuring Kali, Panantukan, Silat, Jun Fan /JKD, Muay Thai and more…   Founder of the world renowned martial arts school, the Minnesota Kali Group, Rick Faye is dedicated to the highest levels of training and individual improvement in the martial arts.…

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Jeet Kune Do Seminar July 30, 2016


JKD | Jeet Kune Do Fans Don’t Miss This Opportunity! An affordable Jun Fan / JKD Seminar on July 30, 2016 for a great cause.  For the first time EVER the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, Northwest Kali/JKD and MKG Seattle are teaming up to offer a seminar to the public on Jun Fan /…

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Congrats! Coach Phil Kleffner Earned His Black Belt in BJJ


MKG Seattle BJJ Coach Phil Kleffner Earns His Black Belt! Our head BJJ Coach, Phil Kleffner, was awarded his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Professor Brian Johnson last week. Earning a black belt in BJJ is a monumental achievement in the martial arts world.  It usually implies 8-10 years of participation to move from…

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Brian Johnson BJJ/Grappling No-Gi and Gi Seminar


Brian Johnson BJJ NO-GI/GI SEMINAR FOR ALL LEVELS Definitely do not miss this opportunity to train with one of the best instructors and competitors for a fraction of the usual cost. Brian Johnson is a decorated 3rd Degree Blackbelt under the Great Rigan Machado. Your knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense will improve greatly. The…

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