FAQ's - For prospective students

1. How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is simple and can be done right now.

We expect that you’ll need to try at least a class or two before deciding if you want to train with us so we start all potential members in a no-risk trial program.  If you have experience and know what you're looking for we normally start people with a FREE class.  If you're a beginner, in martial arts in particular, we have formal trial programs.  We suggest visiting the Get Started pages on this site for all options.

2. Why Can’t I Just Try a Free Class?

{Martial arts specific] A couple years ago I made the decision to stop offering a ‘free class’, ‘free week’ or even ‘free month’ to most potential members.  Some schools still do it that way but I don’t.

At MKG Seattle, a martial arts school, we ask all potential members to use our online ‘3-class + t-shirt for $19.99’ trial if they need to participate in a few classes before deciding if it’s a good fit.  That’s only $6.66 for a class and that doesn’t include the t-shirt cost!

It’s meant to be an insanely good deal.  It surprises me but we STILL get some ‘push-back’ from people wanting to try it for free…

My thinking was two-fold and here it is in complete honesty.

It’s NOT about business, or profit, it’s about proper relationship.


Martial artists train for years, sometimes a decade or more, and spend tens of thousands of dollars on their education earning the right to teach.  There are names for other professionals with that level of training: doctors, lawyers, professors and scientists.  When they then make the decision to teach as a profession and open a physical school/business an unbelievable investment of time, stress, finance, relationship and heartache is also made.

Nobody expects their first meal at a restaurant or their first oil change to be free…

I wouldn’t dream of demanding the first 30 minutes of my doctors time for free to decide if I like him/her or their diagnosis before giving them a cent….

An unwillingness to invest $19.99, for even 1 class, at an educational facility, under a professionals instruction, not only demonstrates a disrespect for that school and professionals time, experience and knowledge but contempt.

This does not seem like a great way to start anything.

Plus, if someone who contacted us about our instruction is willing to demonstrate they value our services BEFORE they come in they will probably be willing to respond to an email, answer the phone, show up for an appointment they made and be a good human being.

Our students need us to be teachers not aerobics instructors and telemarketers so spending our time wisely is important.


You don’t have to be super dedicated, athletic or committed to train at MKG Martial Arts but we’re still a school and you need a ‘students’ mindset to improve.  The quality of the education at any school is dependent on a good teacher, good classmates, an adequate facility and your willingness to participate, apply yourself and learn.

Making a small investment of $6.66 a class demonstrates to us, and to yourself, that you actually want to be in our school and that you’re willing to follow instruction even before we shake hands.

A room full of those types of people makes the educational process easy and working with people with these characteristics is an absolute joy.

Our job is to teach, train and inspire students and my hope is that our trial offer makes it easy to get started while starting all students out in the right mindset.

I hope you are one of those respectful people with a desire to learn and an open mind.

If so you know what to do!

3. What Happens During My First Visit?

When you come in, you will need to fill out a waiver, we will show you around and then you can jump in! All you need are workout clothes and a water bottle. We do not allow street shoes on our mats for health reasons. We encourage tennis shoes though so if you wear them outside wipe off the bottoms with bleach or alcohol and bring them in a gym bag.

If you like what you experience and choose to become a student right after your class we have enrollment specials that are only available your first day. So, please come prepared with your bank information or credit/debit card to take advantage of these offers.

4. I want to learn martial arts but I don’t want to get hurt.

Safety is highly emphasized at our school. We try to make our classes accessible for the average person who wants to learn martial arts and kickboxing for fun, fitness and self-defense. Therefore contact in classes is always very light and controlled. Any “sparring” will always be optional.

5. Can I participate in more than one type of class?

The martial arts we have chosen to teach at the school compliment each other and flow very nicely together, creating a good blend, which covers all distance ranges of combat.

6. Do I have to wear a uniform or other special gear?

We don’t have a traditional uniform as such, we have school t-shirts and sweat pants/tops etc. We do require our students to wear our school t-shirt for all classes to promote an environment for learning and discipline.

7. Am I too old?

The class atmosphere is friendly and open, which allows people of all ages to work at their own pace and ability. We will try to push you to your limits not everyone else’s.

7.1. Am I fit enough?

This is the last thing you should worry about. Fitness is different for everyone, so we allow people to work as hard as they want to. The instructor does of course appreciate any effort and we try to make sure that everyone gets a workout that suits them.

8. Are the classes suitable for beginners without any previous martial arts experience?

No previous martial arts experience is necessary; our qualified team of instructors is able to cater for any level and they will help to expand your knowledge of the arts.

9. Do you have a grading / belt system?

We have a system of phases and levels which are more a set of goals than a ranking system as such. We recommend you concentrate on the True MMA / Phase system. There are 12 levels in this innovative mixed martial arts program.

You can also concentrate in each of the 5 distinct areas of the Minnesota Kali Group system: Filipino Boxing, Kali Weaponry, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD Concepts and Grappling/Submission Arts. There are 10 levels to each art.

We hold quarterly group tests to progress from level to level. These tests are made to be as close to a class situation as possible and you will not be embarrassed or singled out to perform in front of the group.

10. Do I have to bring a training partner?

No. Most people come to make new friends while having a workout.

11. Do you spar?

Of course. But it is optional. Your safety is our first priority. Striking students can begin timing sparring with light contact at the Phase 1 Level 3 stage. (6 months to 1 year) Grappling or weaponry students can begin sparring somewhat earlier. We have a dedicated sparring class each week.

12. Where can I find your class schedule online?

You can find our class schedule on any of our Get Started pages. We'll email you one if you contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our class schedule if you give us a call at 206-789-2411 or stop in. We have classes starting everywhere between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm and we definitely have something to work with your schedule. We offer over 70 classes a week and over the years we have found it simpler to go over it with you at the school or on the phone. At this point we’ll happily send you a class schedule in any format you wish.

13. Where can I find your prices online?

You can’t but there is a price range below. Price is just one aspect of value and with 4 programs, levels within those programs and special offers it is best to go over that with one of our staff members. We would be happy to setup an appointment with one of our consultants to go through the options for you.

Don’t worry. We are martial arts, CrossFit and fitness instructors not used car salesmen.

If it helps – all memberships will be between $147 and $207 per month. If that seems too high for martial arts training we won’t be able to help you.

FAQ’s From Current Students

1. Why do I have to wait so long to spar? I have heard that it is better to spar much faster.

For the student not looking to compete quickly or with immediate professional needs we STRONGLY believe in building a base set of offense and defensive techniques outside of sparring. 99% of people do not have this in 6 months to a year despite what they believe. In this way once sparring becomes part of your regular training you will not be reinforcing incorrect reactions out of fear or surprise.

2. How do I cancel my membership?

First we are sorry to hear you are thinking of leaving us! Please come and speak with us before you give up on making martial arts a part of your life. We have many suggestions and solutions for people with monetary and schedule challenges.

Terms for cancellation of membership depends on the plan under which you are enrolled; there are 30/90 day cancellation plans. Please refer to your copy of the Student Training Agreement for clarification.

In all cases cancellation notice needs to be given on paper in writing in order to take effect. Not attending class does not activate the cancellation policy.

For example, if you are enrolled in a 30 day notice agreement and you wish to cancel you would give us 30 days notice before your last payment could be cancelled. Said in another way, if you cancel on January 1st, your last payment will be February 1st. If you were enrolled in a 90 day notice agreement and you gave written notice on January 1st your last payment would be April 1st.

Do not ask us to break a contract unless you are moving or have a valid medical excuse.

3. How can you help me to succeed? What is your advice?

Here are 10 Suggestions to Help You Succeed at MKG:

  1. Don’t Skip A Workout During Your First 6 Weeks! Make It A Habit!
  2. Train 2 Times A Week Minimum. Any Less and the Momentum of Not Training is Overwhelming.
  3. Take Your Level Test Within 4 Months. Sign Up! Putting it in Writing is a Commitment. Goals are Essential For Most Students.
  4. Take a 20 Minute Private Lesson ASAP.
  5. Never Go Home After Work. Pack Your Bag and Go Straight to the School.
  6. Make a Friend. Ask if They Are Coming to the Next Class You Plan to Attend. See if They Want to Train With You? It’s an Appointment. Don’t Cancel or You Have Broken Your Word.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Instructors For Help With Anything!
  8. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others. There are ALWAYS Going to Be People Better and Worse Than You.
  9. Come to the Intro Class Frequently and Ask Your Questions.
  10. Have Fun! Don’t Take it or Yourself Too Seriously.


It's as easy as filling out the form below. Alternatively, if you have specific questions or concerns you and would like to write us a note you can use the form below. Or just give us a call at 206-789-2411. We pride ourselves on being the friendliest fitness community in town and look forward to helping you get fit for life! Send us a note:


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