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MKG Seattle is ultimately about helping your grow STRONGER & more FOCUSED on the INSIDE.

Building Your Capabilities and Confidence!

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Action Packed Kickboxing & Martial Art Blend

Action-packed kickboxing, boxing, MMA and self defense themed classes give a great total body workout with a purpose.

90/10 is the goal. 90% constantly moving or striking using Muay Thai and boxing primarily with elements of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and MMA. The other 10% of class is essential self defense concepts and techniques from all the arts we teach. Truly the MKG Learn. Play. SWEAT. method.

You'll get stronger, healthier while learning the essentials over 20 themed classes.

When you're having fun it won't feel like working out! All you'll know is you're kicking, punching, elbowing and kneeing while getting the exercise and stress relief you need for life.

Self-Defense Disguised in a Fun, Challenging Knockout Hour

It's not just a mindless workout! Our classes are designed to be fun, but we can also cover 'real martial arts' too.

We teach adults what they need to know handle themselves against strangers... aggressors... and more.

While each class will primarily focus on standup punching and kicking skills a portion of every class will be dedicated to a self defense scenario of the night you'll get to practice safely and precisely. Violence is a LAST resort of course.



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More Than Just Martial Arts

Discover the Transformative Powers Martial Arts has on People of All Ages!


Develops Character and Self Discipline

We all want to be a positive influence in the world and make an impact on future generations. Through a focus on aiming for and achieving goals, learning a martial art teaches you to shoot for the stars and incrementally chase goals step-by-step. All while instilling virtues such as love, empathy, respect, humility, and discipline.


Overcome Fear and Build Confidence

If protecting your loved ones is your top priority, the dangers of society may feel overwhelming. Feel confident knowing you have the tools and tactics to defend yourself in any situation.


Never 'Workout' a Day in Your Life Again

Does going to the gym feel exhausting and repetitive? Working out and getting in shape can be draining when you're stuck using the same old machines and boring routines. Losing weight and toning your muscles should be fun and exciting not forced and lifeless!

Muay Thai Symbol

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the most effective kickboxing method on the planet and delivers unbeatable cardio, resistance and interval training to get you fast results.

JKD Symbol

Jun Fan Kickboxing

Jun Fan Kickboxing, or Jeet Kune Do kickboxing, is a more agile and self defense oriented method. Blazing fast footwork, combinations and get you sweating while learning to defend yourself against opponents of any size.

Filipino Boxing Symbol


Learn offense and defense from boxing: the sweet science. Head movement, footwork and creative combinations disguise a fat shredding and muscle toning upper and lower body workout.

CSW MMA Symbol


Kick, Punch, Throw, Submit. In your Essentials class about 15% of classes will feature some amount of basic, introductory groundwork movement whether it is striking on the ground, moving on the ground or getting up safely.

FMA Kali Symbol

Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts is a secret weapon in the arsenal of self defense and fitness. Each Essentials class will deliver 1 self defense concept in an easy to perform, remember and understand format and FMA will be a major component.

How is This Possible?

Martial arts has long been one of the best kept secrets for developing physical, mental and spiritual health.

The problem is that the 'industry' has ruined it making it seem too weird, too rough or too serious.

MKG Seattle has eliminated these problems. We've gotten rid of the weird uniforms, militaristic culture, ego and unrealistic hierarchy.

We can still get the benefits of real skills, respect, focus, self-discipline, self confidence and cultural appreciation without the baggage.

“The passion people often have for the martial arts is not about what’s practical or normal. It’s about expanding a special skill and point of view so far beyond what’s normal that it makes us extraordinary. All that time, money and effort put into mastering a martial art are about wringing as much magic and meaning out of human potential as we can.” Keith Vargo

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Our students train hard in our classes...

But we also make sure you're sweating, smiling and having fun! We like to say we seriously train without training seriously!

Our classroom is a place that should be joyful and safe. In addition to an exercise and fitness benefit for your body you'll also get to socialize, make new friends, receive support and have crazy amounts of fun.

Student Success Stories

A True Journey of Empowerment and Self-Discovery

Our classes empower students to pursue their own vision, goals and self actualization. By joining the Essentials class you'll have taken the first step onto the perfect path in martial arts.

As you overcome your limiting beliefts and challenges in class this wellspring of energy and confidence will help fuel other areas in your life to greater and greater accomplishment and achievement.

Kick, punch, trap, and throw your way to a better YOU!

Actual Human Interaction and Communication

One of our missions is te get people to turn of their devices and connect with another human being. So many of us spend most of our days in front of machines.

The multi-cultural, cross training approach advocated at MKG Seattle is built into the MKG Essentials program. As you learn multiple martial arts simultaneously from different cultures you'll see how knowledge shared fits together and improves each other.

As you meet people from all walks of life and from around the world your perspectives will shift and consciousness expand to some extent.



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Start Learning Real Martial Arts Techniques

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