Flexibility, grace, precision and masterful footwork are hallmarks of the kickboxing method derived from French Savate called Boxe Francaise. Learn more then contact us below or call 206-789-2411.

savate classes or french kickboxing classes in Seattle

Truly an art form and great workout

Savate or French Kickboxing Classes

MKG Martial Arts is one of the few schools in the country offering authentic instruction in French Savate.

We offer several classes per week in Savate for all levels. We have been hosting seminars for nearly 15 years with world class trainers from France.

Learn precision, flexibility, angling and coordination of upper and lower body!

Our classes feature partner combinations, pad work, heavy bag, shadowboxing and more. A great workout with a truly martial art look and feel.

Our students LOVE it.

Things you will learn

Here are a few things you will learn when you take MKG's Savate and STX classes

Basic self defense

A sense of community





Begginer friendly


Manage stress

Base martial arts skills


Overall fitness

Savate is a great supplement for combat sports or self defense

Technically called Boxe Francaise, this art employs graceful kicks and effective combinations of hand and foot strikes into a truly unique kickboxing art. Develop effective timing and reactions without risk of injury. Footwork is king in Savate. Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA practitioners are really missing an opportunity to expand their repertoire through Savate training.

Our “go at your own pace” classes challenges the beginning student as well as the instructor/advanced level students in a SAFE, fun and positive environment.

A great way to work towards your fitness goals, relieve stress and gain personal self defense capabilities.

The emphasis on discipline and respect helps develop positive character traits in people of all ages.

Seattle martial arts classes
savate classes or french kickboxing classes in Seattle

MKG is fully certified and home to 3 Silver Gloves

Our school is officially registered as an affiliate with the California Association of La Boxe Francaise Savate in conjunction with our mentor Professor Salem Assli of France.

MKG Seattle is currently home to 3 instructors who have achieved the, extremely rare in the United States, Silver Glove rank.

Since Savate training is a bit rare in the United States here is a short video of Professor Assli and some combinations from this art from one of his instructional videos produced in the 90’s.

Keep in mind this was produced for competitors at a high level.

French Kickboxing

[VIDEO] Sneak Peek of Savate

We have to tell you first...we don't wear the tights from France!  Don't worry!  Ha...

Seriously though, if you like kickboxing and martial arts then you've got to love Savate.  This video provides a nice history but also some footage of Professor Salem showcasing the levels of grace, fluidity and flexibility you can develop studying this art.

Come try it at MKG Seattle.  206-789-2411.


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