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Our signature program and specialty

The MKG Method: Mixed Arts Phase Class

The True Mixed Martial Arts / ‘Phase’ program is our signature method and we recommend that all new students focus their training here. Trust us. 

It's the perfect Learn. Play. Sweat. experience.  

Our curriculum blends kicking, punching, grappling and self defense.  You'll start with Phase One Level 1.  There are 12 total levels to keep you interested, active and improving for a lifetime.

As you progress through the three levels of Phase One, you will begin to work on your body mechanics, endurance, sensitivity, coordination, technical base and fitness.

Things you will learn and improve in and out of the classroom

Here are a few things you will learn when you take MKG's Phase Class

Total body workout

A sense of community







Manage stress

Base martial arts skills


Basic Self Defense

The blend of different martial arts systems keeps the training interesting and effective.

Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali Panantukan, Kali Weaponry, Mixed Grappling, and Jun Fan Martial Arts.

A unique workout that will get you results quickly.  It's not a hodge podge and has a 50 year history in our JKD community.

We have found that studying different arts simultaneously is a great way to develop overall martial arts skills. Each art seems to help the assimilation of the others. As these different arts mix an explosion of technique and training method develops.

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The benefits of traditional martial arts training in a modern approach.

In time and after a student develops competency in each area they will naturally gravitate towards a specialty that fits their body type, training time, personality, life experience, etc. We emphasize that all the methods will be valid for some students at some time.

In many other systems, the progress of the students is measured by belt color. At MKG Martial Arts International, we have not adopted a belt system.

In this MKG Mixed Martial Arts program development is measured by progression through 6 phases and various sub-levels. The first 4 phases are curriculum and knowledge based while the last 2 phases are personal development phases.

Built in goal setting keeps you on track and constantly improving.

Only your level of interest, training time, personality, and ability will determine your progress through Phases 1-6. You will be encouraged to advance but testing remains optional.

We have created a non-traditional testing process where students are evaluated simultaneously in a multi-level, group where no student is ever singled out or embarrassed and test results are confidential.

This provides all the positive benefits of goal setting, benchmarking and personal development while eliminating the anxiety and embarrassment of similar testing formats.

An outline of our phase structure is below.

If North Seattle is convenient you can register for a trial program in seconds using the form below. Feel free to call us anytime at 206-789-2411 with questions.


Filipino Boxing classes or Panantukan classes

Really want to understand the MKG Method?


This might be too much information if you're brand new to martial arts but this video montage of one of our Phase tests might be helpful.

This is a Phase 1 test which means it features our beginner and advanced beginners.

Scan the breakdown of levels in the program as well.

Don't overthink it though.  If you want a great workout, great instruction, amazing classes and curriculum in a fun and egoless environment just get started.

MKG Method True MMA / Phase level breakdown


We will begin to work on your body mechanics, endurance, sensitivity, coordination and technical base. An emphasis on the high percentage, highly functional basic areas of each art is emphasized. In this way a strong foundation for advanced growth is established.

Phase One Level 1 / Phase One Level 2 / Phase One Level 3

The more esoteric, coordination intensive areas of each art are developed at this phase. The goal is to learn to feel pressure and respond to your opponent’s mistakes without thinking. Hand and foot trapping, limb destructions and wrenches will all be taught using drills from Kali, Wing Chun and Silat. These are the drills and training methods that will take a life- time to refine and development but can be practiced at any age.

Phase Two Level 1 / Phase Two Level 2 / Phase Two Level 3

You will begin to integrate the arts, ranges and techniques you were taught. As your skills come together to represent the complete martial spectrum you will improve your sense of distance, timing, rhythm and flow. A student at these levels will be learning to adapt to situations instantly and truly realize Bruce Lees axiom to “use no way as way and have no limitation as limitation.”

Phase Three Level 1 / Phase Three Level 2 / Phase Three Level 3

In this phase your body will be adapting to the changes required by these arts. Your musculature, body motion and general abilities will be visibly improved.

Phase Four Level 1 / Phase Four Level 2 / Phase Four Level 3

In this phase you will be encouraged to follow your personal interests and specialize in a specific area of the art while striving to maintain a well rounded base ability.

This is the most rewarding phase of our system. You will be encouraged to find an outlet where you can use this art to help people in some way.


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