Brian Johnson BJJ/Grappling No-Gi and Gi Seminar

nwjjc_instructorBrian Johnson BJJ NO-GI/GI SEMINAR FOR ALL LEVELS

Definitely do not miss this opportunity to train with one of the best instructors and competitors for a fraction of the usual cost. Brian Johnson is a decorated 3rd Degree Blackbelt under the Great Rigan Machado. Your knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense will improve greatly.

The first session is no-gi and will feature a grappling with self-defense emphasis and is a perfect starting point for those new to BJJ and for experienced practitioners to see a different perspective.

The second session is gi based featuring beginner and advanced techniques. ALL LEVELS and abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you don’t have a Gi, don’t worry, still show up for both and you will still learn a ton.

Brian is open for suggestions about what topics to cover so please chime in with your requests on the Facebook event page!!!

1-2:30pm (No-Gi with Self Defense emphasis)
2:30-4pm (Gi)

$40 for both sessions for affiliated students and $50 for non affiliates of Northwest Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Brian normally charges $120 per seminar so this is a steal.

******CASH ONLY****** Please.

Space is limited so register early.



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