Salem Assli Savate Weekend Seminars


Savate / French Kickboxing / Canne Seattle Seminar   Join us on November 7 & 8, 2015 for a 2 day seminar with world renowned martial artist Professor Salem Assli.  There will also be a Monday night workshop on classical Savate self defense and Canne de Combat. Savate / La Boxe Francaise is exceedingly rare…

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Muay Thai Technical Clinic October 16th


Muay Thai North  Seattle Workshop   1st Annual Seattle WTBA ‘Teachers Day’ Benefit Seminar Taught by Kru Andy Wilson and the MKG Seattle Team Friday October 16, 2015 6:15 to 9:00pm Only $40 Learn some great Muay Thai and support a great effort.  We’ll be pulling out some cool elbowing and knee combinations taught to…

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BJJ Workshop With World Champion Coach Brian Johnson


CAN’T MISS BJJ SEMINAR THIS WEEKEND ONLY $20/$35! Join us and one of the Pacific Northwests most elite competitors, Brian J. Johnson, for a unique BJJ seminar this Sunday. These two mini-workshops are perfect opportunities for those considering adding some groundwork to their training and for those with experience looking for some new techniques and…

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