Krabi Krabong Seattle Staff Workshop + Staff


February 22nd, 2015 – Krabi Krabong Staff Seminar + Staff     The Filipino Staff Seminar has been replaced by a seminar focusing on the staff method from Krabi Krabong taught by Ajarn Steve Wilson. The staff is a rarely taught component at MKG Seattle. Staff work begins appearing in our Kali curriculum at Level…

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Knife Defense Workshop + Training Dagger


Join Guro Andy Wilson for a 2 Hour Sunday Seminar dealing with empty hand vs knife tactics. Principles of evasion and deflection will be highly emphasized over disarms in this workshop.   It is suitable for all levels and particularly suited as a pre-cursor to the upcoming Women’s Self Defense workshop or as a kickstarter…

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Seattle Documentary Screening and Nutrition Lecture!


MUST SEE! Seattle Documentary Screening and Nutrition Lecture!     If you haven’t seen this documentary it can change your life.  If you have watch it again and join the discussion after! URGENT: Space is Extremely Limited. Reserve Sunday morning January 11, 2015 to watch an amazing and powerful documentary about diet and the food…

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