Martial Arts Phase Level 4-6 Preview/Prep

See how Muay Thai, Kali Weaponry, Panantukan, JKD, Savate and Grappling are trained and taught together in one of the most complete and well researched curriculum’s in existence.

IMG_6354Guro Dan has referred to MKG students as some of the most well rounded martial artists in the world on many occasions and specializing in NOT specializing is something we’re quite proud of.

The Phase 2 levels at MKG Seattle would be levels 4-6 on our 12 level progression. Whether you are a new student, just attending from outside MKG or are already an instructor you will get a birds eye view of the the big picture. ALL are welcome regardless of level but please be aware this is an overview seminar and will be lightning quick.

There are 10-12 progressions per level that comprise the testing process at MKG Seattle. We will be demonstrating all 30-36 and allowing you to train and work at one for each section.

Things taught:
Muay Thai Clinch
Knee Counters
Stick & Dagger – Tuo/Wala Abecedario
Largo Mano
JKD Nou Tek Counters
JKD Dummy Set 1-3
Pak Sao Series
Lop Sao Series
Jao Sao Series
Hubud – 7 Basics – ‘Generator’
Glove Drills
Lead Hand Sparring
Savate Red Glove Requirements
Take Down Defenses
Shoot Flow 1 & 2.
Punyo Sumbrada energies:

photo48This is a seminar designed for our intermediate to advanced students to see the testing requirements and get pointers and expectations.

Phase 2 testing will need to be postponed until mid-summer.

April 11, 2015
$30/$25 For MKG Students

MKG Students testing for Phase 2 will get a $25 credit on their test fee if they participate.

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