Fundraiser: Weekend Martial Arts Workshops

Fundraiser – Cancer Treatment: Martial Arts Workshops Dec. 2 & 3, 2017



Dear Washington Martial Arts Fan,

We have a favor to ask.

Please join MKG Seattle in helping Guro Rick Faye in his family’s fight against cancer!!

Since the moment I first met Rick Faye at 16 years old, nearly 30 years ago, I’ve striven to emulate his positive outlook on martial art, life, people and his ability to teach and inspire.  He’s definitely had a positive effect on the MKG Seattle community, our Seattle instructor team and many in the Seattle martial arts community in general.

When I battled to overturn sales tax on martial arts training in Washington State over the last couple years it was because of the vision instilled in me by Rick Faye for what martial art training can contribute to peoples lives.

Marla Faye was diagnosed with late stage cancer a few months ago. They are currently living at a cancer treatment center in Arizona doing everything they can to beat the odds. Unfortunately a great deal of the treatment protocol is not covered by insurance and they really need our help.

I cannot imagine the stress of fighting for your life and worrying about how to pay for it at the same time.

Seattle martial arts community…I’m asking for your help.

Please consider donating and/or attending our martial arts workshops / fundraiser this weekend.

We are volunteering our time, facility and instruction and all proceeds go directly to the Faye’s through their GoFundMe account.

You can donate here:


Guro Andy Wilson


Fundraiser Weekend Dec. 2 & 3

Martial Arts Workshops Held From 11:00 – 4:00


Each workshop is one hour and our vision is that participants attend several sessions in a row on one or both days.  Come join us for a fun-filled weekend that exemplifies the MKG spirit.

Minimum donation to participate is $10 per class or $80 for all 10.  (but more is appreciated and needed)

For an additional $30 donation receive a DVD of the seminar(s).

Remember every cent goes directly to the Faye’s not MKG Seattle.

You can donate here:



Saturday 12/3/17

11:00 – Filipino Martial Arts (hubud)
12:00 – French Kickboxing
1:00 – Grappling (throwing)
2:00 – Filipino Martial Arts (double stick)
3:00 – Filipino Boxing / Panantukan

Sunday 12/4/17

11:00 – Jun Fan / JKD  (trapping)
12:00 – Muay Thai Kickboxing
1:00 – BJJ / Combat Submission Wrestling
2:00 – Filipino Martial Arts (espada-y-daga)
3:00 – Kali / Silat



Take only what you want, or be a BEAST run the gauntlet and do them all!!

Everyone is welcome. Spread the word!!

Donate here: and just present us the receipt at the door for admittance.