Krav Maga or JKD Martial Arts

Self Defense? Do you teach Krav Maga? How is MKG Seattle different than Krav Maga? Is Krav Maga any good?

Because we have become so recognized in the Seattle self defense and martial arts community over the last 15 years we frequently receive phone calls about Krav Maga. The Krav Maga marketing machine has done a great job of getting the name out there. 9 times out of 10 people have heard that it is a great method of self defense but don’t really know what it is. So do we teach Krav Maga?

Simple and respectful answer…no.

The more complex answer is that most of the self defense methods you’ll see at MKG Seattle are VERY similar to Krav Maga. If there were ever two kindred spirits it would be the MKG Seattle/JKD Concepts and Krav Maga approaches to self defense.


JKD and Krav Maga Martial Arts

The mystique behind the MKG / JKD Concepts method is that it follows Bruce Lee’s research into scientific combat that he named Jeet Kune Do.  His explicit guidelines were that the principles behind his method are simplicity, directness and non-classical response.  

It’s primary elements were boxing, fencing and Wing Chun. (specifically the Wing Chun concept of Lin Sil Die Da or simultaneous attack and defense)  His protege Dan Inosanto later researched and integrated dozens of martial arts including boxing,  judo, jujitsu, Savate, wrestling, Kali, Muay Thai, BJJ and more.  

The end goal is a seemless flow from range to range and tactic to tactic in combat.   Modern day JKD is one of the preferred methods for many parts of the United States military and Navy Seals.

The mystique behind Krav Maga is that it is the official fighting art of the IDF, or Israeli Defense Forces, and it is all about combat and not a traditional martial art.  Krav Maga translates as ‘contact combat’.  It’s goal is simply to neutralize the threat and it’s movements are simple, continuous and emphasize simultaneous attack and defense.  It’s founder Imi Lichtenfeld needed to create a method that was simple, efficient and effective and combined elements of boxing, aikido, jujitsu, judo and wrestling.  His followers later borrowed elements from Muay Thai, JKD and Kali extensively.

Sound familiar?

Learn more about both JKD and Krav Maga Martial Arts

Another similarity of both methods are that they are not fixed arts and can, and are, frequently changed and hopefully improved.  There are several lineages of JKD just like there are for Krav Maga and there are differences between each.  Each will say their way is the best but that is for you to decide.

So how do you decide whether MKG Seattle is right for you or if you should find a Krav Maga school?  Here are some thoughts.

MKG Seattle is bit more like an Academy of Martial Arts where you can focus on self defense, fitness, general interest and even competition.  We allow you to be a bit more self directed.  Our vision is a lifelong method to physical and mental well being.


Krav Maga is definitely more systematized and formalized. Your experience from Krav Maga school to Krav Maga school will be MUCH more similar than from JKD school to JKD school.

The bottom line – If you have IMMEDIATE self defense concerns, and that is your only reason for pursuing either method, I would recommend Krav Maga or private lessons with an MKG instructor. The day to day flavor at MKG is not focused on a short term self defense path.

Hope this helps.

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