Getting Started With CrossFit

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How to Get Started With CrossFit

We’re very happy you’re exploring CrossFit MKG. New members get started in one of three ways.

1) Request a FREE one-on-one consultation,
2) and/or our one month In Class On Ramp Program
3) or just jump into classes if you have experience.

CrossFit is a fantastic workout and the community at MKG Seattle is completely unique in the Seattle area.

At our CrossFit gym we stress and specialize in a safe, fun and ego-less environment in all our programs while maintaining authentic instruction.

Our Schedule

Check out our schedule. Whether you are looking for our In Class On Ramp Program or you have prior experience in CrossFit, we have a class for you!

What To Bring

We’ve compiled a few items suggested for your intro and essential for all your CrossFit classes at MKG. Click the button to learn more!

CrossFit Prices

We offer one of the most affordable tuition rates for a full service CrossFit gym in Seattle. When combined with the other benefits you’ll receive nobody can beat what we have to offer.

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What makes CrossFit at MKG different?

  • Fun, Well Designed Classes
  • Emphasis On Safety and Friendly Atmosphere
  • Among Most Affordable Rates in Seattle
  • Great Family/Couples Rates and Childcare
  • Multiple Programs Available.  Boot Camps, Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Personal Training
  • Huge Facility, Showers and Ample FREE Parking

If you’ve experienced CrossFit before it’s no big deal but if you are new to CrossFit it can be intimidating and you may not know where to start.  Don’t worry or stress because…

Either way the first step is easy and we ask everyone to begin by doing that.  We even have some great incentives for following instructions and making it easy for our team.

We seriously care about your health

Use any of the contact forms on this page to request more information.  While you wait we’ll give you two great essential CrossFit guides to download instantly and show you a special sneak peak VIDEO of our classes where you can see our facility and even meet a couple of your fellow CrossFitters.

We’ll also give you a link to an online exclusive web special where you can save $50 instantly before you even come in!


2019 Membership Rates

3 Month Agreement Auto Pa            3-Days a Week – $172.00 + tax         Unlimited – $189.00+ tax
7 Month Agreement Auto Pay          3-Days a Week – $157.00 + tax         Unlimited – $177.00+ tax

12 Month Agreement Auto Pay          3-Days a Week – $137.00 + tax          Unlimited – $162.00+ tax
Drop-Ins welcome: $20.00 (apt. required)

What to bring

We’ve compiled a few items suggested for your intro and essential for all your CrossFit classes at MKG.

Remember, you’re here to have fun! And whether you’re a beginner or veteran, nobody is perfect. Keep an open mind for constructive criticism and be coach-able. No matter how hard the work-out, tell yourself you can, and you will!

 We recommend a flat, hard-sole shoe such as: Chuck Taylor’s, Vans, Inov8, or Reebok Nano, to name a few. Please avoid Shape-ups or any type of shoe of that nature or squishy-soled athletic/running shoes. Here’s a link where you can find some shoes perfect for your CrossFit Class in Seattle.

We run, jump, squat, lunge, and much more. Be sure and wear comfortable clothing with some kind of Lycra or stretch to it so you are able to do these movements without being restricted by your clothing.

It’s important to keep track of your daily workouts so you can watch yourself improve over time. Nothing fancy is needed, just a simple book with paper. When documenting your workouts it’s important to be detailed. Be sure and log the weights you used, if there were any modifications, and how long it took to complete the workout.

Regardless of your ability, hydration is a key part in your recovery and health! We provide water coolers to fill up your bottles, so no excuses. Along with water, we suggest a protein shake of some sort to help with the recovery process for after your workouts.

This is completely optional, but suggested for your comfort for movements that require you to be on the ground, such as sit-ups or burpees.

We have tried many different enrollment options over the years but the best deals are available the same day as your first lesson. Come prepared. We have many options to choose from.

 CrossFit MKG Schedule

Our crossfit, barbell and on-ramp classes are held at one of the following times.  For instant access to our current full class schedule contact us below or call (206)-367-0981 with questions.

It's simple to get started - contact us.

Use the form below and we’ll contact you just as soon as we can or give us a call at 206-367-0981 and we’ll be happy to help!


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