Affiliated Schools and Lineage

Homesite for the MKG Seattle CrossFit program.
Homesite for our MAX10 Fitness and Boot Camp program.



Seattle Integrated Martial Arts
West Seattle, WA

United Source Academy
Kirkland, WA

NAK2 Academy
Issaquah, WA

Shaolin Mixed Martial Arts
Bremerton, WA


Rick Faye. Our main instructor and the headquarters for the MKG schools.
Guro Dan Inosanto. The legend and the man who started it all.
Erik Paulson. A walking encyclopedia of the grappling arts.
Ajarn Chai Sirisute. The official website for the Thai Boxing Association of the United States and Ajarn Chai Sirisute.
The late Sifu Larry Hartsell. One of the legends of the JKD community.
Greg Nelson. One of Rick Faye’s senior students when I began training, an inspiration and a friend.
Paul Vunak. I only saw Paul Vunak two times when I first started my journey but he is still a HUGE influence for me.
Ray Copeland. A big Jun Fan influence for me and a good friend from the Inosanto academy.
The late GM Tony Somera. Our school is just forging a relationship with the Giron Arnis family.
The Duluth, MN branch operated by Drake Ritchie.
The Bournemouth, UK branch operated by Brendan Westwood.
The Wiggan, UK branch operated by Melvin Corrigan.
Korbett Millers school in Kirkland, WA. A good friend and our youth program mentor.
Brian Johnson’s school. My main BJJ teacher and an awesome all-around grappler.
Tony Sell is a BRILLIANT martial arts mind and a good friend.
Chris Clarke is an awesome JKD practitioner and has a school in Federal Way, WA.
Guro Sherill Johnson has a great school in West Seattle. Great Doce Pares practitioner.
PR Lifting supplied and outfitted our CrossFit facility. Fantastic customer service.
A blog site for our MAX10 Fitness and Boot Camp.
Source for martial arts and fitness news in Seattle.
A blog for our martial arts programs.
A blog for our CrossFit program.