10-Class Punchcard (Adult Martial Arts, MaxFit, CrossFit)


Adult MA/MaxFit/MKG Fitness (CrossFit) – 10 Class Punchcard*

This is an 10 class punchcard, giving you access to 10 classes in any one of our programs. Choose from Adult Martial Arts, MaxFit, or MKG Fitness (CrossFit).

Adult Martial Arts * – $235 (no tax)

MaxFit – $235 (+tax)

MKG Fitness (CrossFit)** – $235 (+tax)

* Not all adult martial art classes available.  Speak to team member before purchase. 

**Only available for Strength & Fitness/CrossFit classes after 7:30 am on weekdays. Speak to team member before purchase.

Not available for our Kids Martial Arts classes. Punchcard expires after all 10 classes are used or after 4 months have passed from point of purchase. No refunds.

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Good for 10 adult martial art/kickboxing or MKG fitness classes.










* Expires 4 months after purchase. Not available for kids martial arts.

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Adult Martial Arts, MaxFit, CrossFit