45 Day Martial Art & FitRanX Challenge

January 21 to March 6, 2019

Battle the Holiday Weight!

We’d like to invite you to participate and help us with a pilot program that combines our authentic martial art and kickboxing classes with a fitness challenge.  We will be using the FitRanX tracking system which is a proprietary fitness tracking system designed to keep you motivated and provide clear and specific goals to strive for while achieving full body fitness.


How the challenge works:

It’s designed to be flexible and customizable to accommodate various schedules and goals.

For 45 days you’ll strive to do a minimum of 3 martial arts or kickboxing classes and 2 strength building classes and/or daily WOD’s.

  1. You select a minimum of 3 martial arts or kickboxing classes a week from the Martial Arts OR MAX10 schedule. (we recommend 1 x Phase 1, 1x Kickboxing or Boxing and the Rounds class on Friday)
  2. You can also attend 2 strength classes per week of either MAX Strength or an ‘Express’ FitRanx class on Tuesdays. Or you can choose to do daily WOD’s with other participants that we will provide.
  3. You commit to the challenge and hold yourself and others accountable.


We provide:

  • Fitness evaluation or test on Day 1 and Day 45 to test your progress.
  • Access to additional classes.
  • An extra 45 minute ‘express’ FitRanx class on Tuesdays at 5:15pm or 6:45pm.
  • Strategy and planning to customize your own plan.
  • Some nutritional support and information.
  • Mentoring and accountability of a coach and our team.
  • Private Facebook Group for communication and camaraderie.


Winner get’s a free month of regular tuition. (criteria to be determined)

This is a great training goal before our Rounds club testing or level testing coming up in the late Spring or summer.

Current Members – $49.00 + tax (reg $199)
New Members – $149 + tax (email us to join the waiting list for now)

Minimum of 20 participants required to proceed.

$199.00 $49.00