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If you know you'll need to try a class to make a decision if MKG Seattle is right for you this is the best option. Online only. Just $19.99 for 3 classes +free shirt! Normally $25 a class.

What to bring on your visit

We’ve compiled a few items suggested for your intro and essential for all your Adult Martial Art classes at MKG.

Remember, you’re here to workout, have fun and learn! And whether you’re a beginner or veteran, nobody is perfect. Ego is a killer.  Those with experience keep an open mind for constructive criticism and be coach-able.  Beginners remember that everyone was a beginner and it may not be as easy as you imagined.  Be patient with yourself and your partner.

No street shoes on the mats.  We recommend cross training shoes, wrestling shoes or similar flat soled footwear. Bring them in your gym bag clean and sanitized. You may also choose to be bare-foot. (please clean and trim toenails)

We punch and kick and get up and down from the ground in every class.  Be sure to wear shorts or sweatpants you're comfortable working out in that can stretch.  If you wear shorts we recommend compression shorts underneath for modesty purposes.

Regardless of your ability, hydration is a key part in your recovery and health! We provide water coolers to fill up your bottles, so no excuses. Along with water, we suggest a protein shake of some sort to help with the recovery process for after your workouts.

We'll provide everything you need for your first class.  If you have bag gloves, boxing gloves, Thai pads, focus mitts or kali sticks bring them.  Shin guards and knee pads are also helpful if you've been authorized for an advanced class.  As you advance, you might want to purchase your own gear/ gloves/ pads/ sticks from either our North Seattle shop or online. 

The best deals are always available on your first day. Do your research and come prepared. We want to teach martial arts not be sales people so we'll reward you for making it easy on us.  In addition we never recommend leaving valuables in your car. 

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