Kids' Summer Camps


**There Are No Summer Camps For Summer 2022**


School Break and Summer Camps

Every summer and throughout the year MKG hosts a variety of day and week camps for Seattle kids in our North Seattle location. These camps are a great way to fill those long summer days or breaks from school that are normally filled with video games and television.

Instead get them out of the house, working in groups, learning cool new skills and just being active. Our camps have a variety of themes that keep all of the activities that we do fresh and fun for students, as well as giving them new challenges.

While the martial arts are a critical component of our summer programs no experience is necessary. Our instructors are expert at working with kids of all ages and abilities and have a fantastic reputation for their teaching abilities, patience and status as role models for children. Through the martial arts kids will gain confidence in themselves, a sense of security as their vulnerability to bullying decreases and increased health as they begin to fall in love with exercise.

Feel free to call us at 206-641-9854 to find out more.

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Friday Seminars

Held throughout the year, these seminars are a chance for students to become exposed to a variety of topics not covered in the regular curriculum. Ranging from champion training and weaponry, to unique styles like French Savate. These seminars are a great way to learn new skills, and become exposed to how much the martial arts has to offer.

As we have developed our program into something truly positive for our MKG kids we are always looking for ways to give back. Food drives, school talks, afterschool programs at local elementary schools and more are all available.

If you are a school administrator request a packet of the different school talks we can do through our non-profit program.


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