John Will Seminar

John Will Seminar

John Will


July 15th, 2011
Friday: 7:30 to 10:00
Cost: $55


Seminars at MKG are always an
excellent opportunity to learn from the best, and this one is no exception.


John Will is one of the BJJ Dirty Dozen – the first twelve Non-Brazilian BJJ Black Belts in the world. He was awarded the rank of Black Belt by Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado in 1998. An accomplished martial artist with training in several arts, he now travels the world conducting BJJ seminars.

For the seminar at MKG, we are going to have John teach a blend of Reality
Based Training (RBT) and General Striking. This is going to draw from his
extensive Shootfighting background.

Only $55 to learn from a world-class martial arts instructor for one night!
RSVP to let us know if you can make it! 


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