Arnis / Escrima Seminar With LSAI Master Jon Escudero in Seattle

Arnis / Escrima Seminar With LSAI Master Jon Escudero in Seattle


Join us for a 2 day seminar with Guro Jon Escudero in Seattle on Lightning Scientific Arnis this April 20 & 21, 2013.  Master Jon will be flying in from Israel to update his students here in Seattle, WA and Washington D.C.


A system founded in 1937 by Grandmaster Benjamin Luna-Lema. The system is composed of the Tercia, Cadenilla, Serrada and Espada Y Daga styles. It is known for its powerful, fluid, and fast strikes; its preference for “blind-siding” the opponent; and its focus on the stick and knife. An important principle in Lightning is closing with the opponent and ‘blanketing’ them with multiple strikes. Grandmaster Lema …would say, “If he gives me one strike, I give him fifteen. Even if he does not give me one strike, I give him fifteen.”


Date: April 20 & 21, 2013 12:00 to 4:30 Both Days
Price: $100 Both Days or $75.00 For One
Equipment Needed: 2 Sticks and a training dagger.


Guro Jon may be available for private lessons between the 19th and 22nd.  Please inquire.Guro Jon is a popular guest instructor here at MKG and his seminars are known for being practical yet fun and full of humor.

Please visit and register on our Facebook Event page to reserve your spot.

Master Jon Escudero in Seattle, WA

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