martial arts classes in seattleWelcome to MKG Seattle Martial Arts / Kickboxing and True MMA.

This could be the most fun you will have learning a realistic martial art!

Develop your physical abilities and understanding of martial arts without the limitations of boredom in our safe, friendly, high energy environment. We emphasize training that is enjoyable and yet contains the best and most practical methods available. From day one you will be hitting pads and learning to react to attacks in effective ways. The training is designed to be safe yet realistic. We will get you in great shape as you learn new skills.

At MKG Martial Arts we specialize in a signature method of martial arts cross training we have titled: True MMA: The MKG Mixed Arts Phase Program that is a logical and progressive blend of all the arts we teach.  We highly recommend you participate in the Phase Program but individual Muay Thai Kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Kali / Arnis / Escrima, Jun Fan JKD, Silat, Savate and an MMA method called Combat Submission Wrestling are offered as well.

martial arts classes in seattleNo matter what your interest may be – martial arts, fitness, self-defense or stress reduction – our programs and classes focus on personal improvement at your own pace, with the support you need to reach your goals.  

No traditional uniforms, no ritual, no weirdness.  Just great training with great people.

We also offer fantastic programs for kids of all ages as well as the MKG MAX10 Kickboxing Boot Camp, formerly 10 Week Body Sculpt Challenge, for the fitness enthusiast and our newest offering; CrossFit at MKG.

If you’ve been thinking about trying kickboxing or martial arts we’ve taken away all the excuses.  

If you’re interested in our programs the first step is as easy as filling out the form below or calling 206-789-2411.


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“The passion people often have for the martial arts is not about what’s practical or normal. It’s about expanding a special skill and point of view so far beyond what’s normal that it makes us extraordinary. All that time, money and effort put into mastering a martial art are about wringing as much magic and meaning out of human potential as we can.” – Keith Vargo