The Minnesota Kali Group in Seattle grappling program combines ground fighting techniques and training methods from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, Kali, Silat and the Jun Fan martial arts.  Each of the arts adds an integral piece to the grappling puzzle.  Brazilian jiu-jitsu develops a sense for proper positioning and technique over strength, the CSW mixed martial art classes provide the seamless transitioning between striking, clinching and a rapid-fire ground game, while Kali-Silat provides the principles and tactics when the situation requires a more serious response than just a “submission.”


Classes are drill based to promote ease of motion and proper technique. Other benefits of these classes include:


  • Classes are fun and appropriate for people of all levels.
  • A great workout that is totally different than kickboxing.
  • One of the few classes where students can “compete” or ‘spar’ with a low risk of injury.




BJJ in the Northgate area of Seattle.  We have Jiu Jitsu students of all levels, interests and abilities in our programs.  We pride ourselves on our teaching abilities and the detailed curriculum that helps make sense of the art as our students progress.  Our BJJ instructing staff features two Machado black belts, a Gracie Black Belt, Level 3 CSW / MMA Coach, 3 purple belts and more.


Unlike western wrestling where the objective is to “pin” your opponent or gain points, the goal to BJJ is to gain positional advantage and apply a joint lock or choke and force your opponent into submission.  BJJ endorses the concept that a smaller, weaker person using leverage and good technique can defend themselves on the ground against a larger, stronger opponent.


Learning the self-defense aspects of Brazilian Jiujitsu is an absolute necessity but most people stick with it because it is just plain fun!   Rather than striking and hurting an opponent the goal to BJJ is to gain positional advantage and apply a joint lock or choke and force your opponent into submission.


An outstanding aspect of BJJ is that, unlike many other martial arts, you can practice at 100% speed and power- meaning you don’t have to “pull punches” so to speak.  That might sound like a scary proposition but, as effective as BJJ is, it is still a very gentle art and you can practice all day long and not suffer injuries.


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