PanantukanPanantukan (or Filipino Boxing) is one of several empty hand areas in the art of Kali and is one of the 5 arts emphasized at MKG Martial Arts International.  Sometimes called Suntukan and dirty boxing by sport fighters, our students consistently rate the Panantukan classes as the “coolest” and most fun on our schedule! A great art to have in your personal self defense arsenal and an awesome workout!

PanantukanThis blade influenced boxing art focuses on limb destruction, intercepting an opponent’s offense, off balancing your opponent, punching in both leads and using a variety of hand, fist and arm surfaces for striking. Punches, elbows, knees, head butts, low kicks, shoulder and forearm strikes are combined with a diverse combination of body manipulations and “nasty” tactics to form an extremely effective ‘boxing’ method. Target areas vary from western style boxing in that the art is less a ‘competitive’ format than a ‘combative’ one.

This art was traditionally a bare handed contest, so the tactics differ slightly from the arts that are conditioned to use a glove. The choice of targets is expanded because there are no “illegal blows.” The back of the head, the groin, the arms and the spine are common targets we train safely in this art.
Benefits of this training include:

  • Develops a high degree of coordination, timing and dexterity.
  • Competency in basic boxing offense and defense is emphasized so that students have a solid foundation to which they can add the more technical elements of the art.
  • A multitude of training methods provide an extremely diverse, challenging and interesting classroom experience.
  • The “anything goes” tactics are a very effective foundation for self-defense situations.


SilatThroughout Southeast Asia, Silat describes a whole host of martial concepts and systems. From Silat we concentrate on an exact understanding of leverage, body positioning and brutal finishing.

The Minnesota Kali Group’s Silat classes feature Guro Inosanto’s Maphilindo Silat, Kali Silat, Serak and the training taught by the late Pa Herman Suwanda’s Mande Muda Silat system.

The classes featuring this great art are the Silat, Kali and upper level Phase classes (Phase 2 and above).

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