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mkg seattle reviews MKG MAX10 KICKBOXING BOOTCAMP


MKG MAX10 KICKBOXING BOOTCAMP – formerly ’10 Week Body Sculpt Challenge’


In-school Testimonials


Pam – “I just wanted to pass on to you how impressed I am with young Ryan, who teaches the kickboxing portions of the morning (EARLY! morning) classes in Edmonds. He’s so supportive, encouraging, positive and kind. I look forward to the class in part just because I know that no matter how incompetent I may be or how slow I may be or how imperfect I may be, he’ll be there with a positive attitude cheering me on and helping me improve.”


Miki – “The class has helped me to sleep better at night, feel healthier and stronger overall and gives me more energy throughout the day. I waited 2 years to take this class, now I wish I hadn’t waited.”


Amy – “My husband and I do this together and it’s great bonding. All our friends are intrigued by what we do after work during the week. Little do they know the fun we’re having!! And the results I am getting, along with a healthy diet, are amazing!!”



tony g. – “Simply put, the 10 week body sculpt class will kick your” … “and you will want more.” … “I joined the 10 week body scupt class not quite knowing what to expect. For one hour a day, five days a week for 10 weeks you really push your body to the limits. During the class you are cursing at yourself wondering why the hell you are here then at the end of class and during the day you feel proud.”


Jennifer R. – “The instructors are motivating, the gym is no drama or egos allowed, and the punching and kicking make me happy! I’ve never felt so sure that I was going to accomplish all that I had set out to do. This gym changed my life and I can’t thank them enough.”


Shannon s. – “If youre like me, and you haven’t been able to start and keep a fitness routine, MKG can help, and if anything get you kick started. Or you never know, you might be like me, and end up wanting to sign up for session after session because its the most productive thing you do with your day.”


Judy’s Book


Erica D. – BODY SCULPT FOR ALL, really! – “MKG should stand for Masterful Kinetic Geniuses…this community of MKG’s are so supportive and enthusiastic about you reaching your personal goals, that they have designed a class that allows you to get rid of the stress of your day, shed pounds/body fat, and get in shape, all while having FUN! Never would I have thought to join a studio for Martial Arts…too intimidating for me, a virtual non-athlete, and never would I think that I could work so hard, and never look at the clock. I have loved this class so much, and had such great results, that I recruited my mom! My favorite result is that I can now keep up with my kids when we hike and cross-country ski, and it’s so much more enjoyable!”


gretchen z. – Fun and Effective – the BEST CLASS EVER – “…for the first time in my life I actually enjoy working out. I feel really good (physically and mentally), can see and feel changes in my body, and am disappointed when I have to miss a day.” … “The workouts also support a variety of fitness levels – there are people in the class who are getting into shape for the first time in their lives and people who are really strong and already in great shape. Although more expensive than a gym membership, what you get out of the class far outweighs the cost (plus, unlike a gym, you’ll probably actually go).”


T J. – MKG Class – “They have boosted my self-confidence tremendously by pushing me to achieve what seemed impossible at first. My body feels toner and I have more energy.”


Miki M. – “Don’t wait to sign up!” – “Good: The instructors really know what fitness is all about and how to guide each member into doing the exercises correctly. It is obvious how much they care and love working at MKG with their unique style.”


Kelly P. – MKG Body Sculpt Challenge – “I LOVE the diversity of the classes and haven’t missed a single day, which is a big feat considering I have had to get up at 6am every morning. The cardio classes are exciting and challenging and I also enjoy the stress release that is involved with physically hitting, punching, kneeing, kicking your way through exercise. I feel strong and powerful after each session.”


King5 – The Best of Western Washington


Kiwinkim – “I love this school! This is the first program in all of my 50 years that I have been able to stick with because it’s so fun and challenging. I’m hooked!”


cynthia h – “MKG’s body sculpt is by far the most effective fitness program I’ve ever experienced. The classes are intense and fun, with a down to earth non-competitive environment.”


Hanan – “The instructors are absolutely amazing. I have tried numerous workout facilities, but this one stands out above all the rest.”


AlikaDad – Kicks It – “The instruction is tailored to your individual needs. The instructors have the ability to push you when you think you can’t go on but not so hard that you can’t go on. All the instructors make the class fun.”


Google Reviews


Candace – Fantastic Classes and Instructors – “I just finished my 3rd straight session of the Body Sculpt Challenge and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Friends that I haven’t seen in awhile are all amazed at how much weight I lost and the muscle tone I developed. I owe MKG and its amazing instructors a debt of gratitude for giving me the encouragement and guidance to try the boxing, kickboxing, and kali stick work for the first time…and finding out how much fun it can be!”


Natasha – Amazing Workout – “This is by far the best workout program I have ever followed! You get a GREAT workout 5 days a week with tons of variety that you never get bored.”


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mkg seattle reviews



From the International Examiner – The Journal of Northwest Asian American Communities – Feb. 18 – Mar. 2, 2004 – “This display of art, tradition and mental and physical ability seems to symbolize what martial arts training is all about.”


Testimonials From Students and Visitors


Tyler – “First I would like to thank you and everyone at MKG for opening my eyes to how truly amazing the martial arts can be.”


“You have the nicest students I’ve ever met in a club anywhere.”


“I liked the mix of new and advanced students as well as the laid-back atmosphere: it was a very comfortable environment.”


I liked, “The wide range of styles and techniques offered. I also benefited from the focus on conditioning. Every class. I could feel my stamina improving.”




I like the… “Relaxed class structure, BJJ and Muay Thai, info about seminars for many different arts, school attracts less macho/egoists.”




Jason T. – “The staff over at MKG recommend that you start with the mixed arts class. It’s an hour long buffet of exercises and techniques offered most days in day and evening classes. The first one I went too turned me into a runny stain on the floor. I knew I was un-coordinated, but not that un-coordinated. I knew I lacked stamina, but not that much stamina, etc. Then the amazing thing happened: I started to get better. This is why MKG works. The staff works on developing core attributes by getting you to focus on what your body is doing. Want to develop stamina; do triple kicks for two-minutes. After some classes I would walk out into the cool evening drenched in sweat and shaky limbed from exertion and seriously felt that I had accomplished something. ”


Gary T. – “This is a great martial arts gym. They do a mixture of different styles and have legitimate credentials in everything they teach. You can really see this in the quality of the instruction.”


Michelley W. – “I love MKG. They’re right on when they say that they are a relaxed atmosphere with no egos where one can truly learn.”


Rick M. – “If you have ever been interested in trying out some form of martial arts but have been overwhelmed by the vast number of disciplines or intimidated by the possibility of stepping into a room full of blood splattered cage fighters, MKG is a great place to quell the anxiety. The school has a very intelligent entry program with fabulous instructors, a diverse array of students, and once the dye has set, the sky is the limit for anyone wanting to expand their abilities.”


Jennifer N. – “I have been training at MKG for about 3 years now. This place has changed my life. It has become a place I look forward to going to after work most weeknights. The atmosphere is super laid back and the instructors are personable, funny and extremely knowledgeable.”


King5 – The Best of Western Washington


Vanessa – “MKG Martial Arts International is a great place to blow off steam, laugh with friends, and stay in great shape! The instructors are top notch and the classes are set up in a way that people of all ages and abilities can be successful. I’ve been attending classes regularly for 4 years…totally addicted!”


spop75 – “Do you want a workout? Do you want to compete? Are you looking to reduce your stress, and improve your mental focus? It is all there. And with classes 6 days a week,there is no excuse not to go. I recently moved away from Seattle, and I miss this place every day.”


Mary L. – “I recommend them because they don’t care what you already know, but what you can learn. Everyone is an equal there. There is a great feeling of respect and camaraderie among the students.”


Randy N. – “Coming to MKG I realized how much I was missing out in atheticism and one-on-one coaching.” …”Training at MKG is always a highlight of my day.”


Shayleen V – “I have been taking classes at MKG for 1.5 years. My husband and I initially signed up for the 10 week boot camp based on a recommendation from a coworker. We loved the experience and the school so much, we signed up for regular classes. There are no big egos at this school.”


Brandon D – “The best atmosphere I have ever had in martial arts training.” … “The instructors are top notch, and Andy (the owner) puts his heart and soul into the place.”


Todd C – “Great gym. No macho meat-heads but plenty of good hard training.”


Czar – “Awesome school. Great vibe/ atmosphere. Instructors are very proficient and curriculum is well laid out. Caters to all – beginning to advanced skills, casual traning to fighters.”


Jody H – “MKG helped me get over chronic back pain and a shoulder injury and gave me a place to defuse every night from day to day stresses. Two years later, it is still the high point of my day, and at age 50 I’m in the best shape of my life.”




“One of the best: One of the best around. I have studied different martial arts for years. This place is great and different from most I have studied. You have a very welcome environment. Not to mention it’s a huge place! The instructors are great and have all the necessary equipment to train available in the gym.”


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Testimonials From Students And Parents


Kim – Little Ninjas – “Max has grown confident in his ability to see a new skill, practice and achieve the outcome. The skills are present by the instructors in an organized and achievable way so the students can learn or improve with each session. Adam and Audrey are a mom of two boys my husband and I appreciate their teaching style, structure, order while still letting our under 4 year old be his age. They maintain a good balance of skill and fun. I like their repetition of skills.”


Ren – Little Ninjas – “A huge difference in coordination, behavior, and focus.”


Holly – Little Ninjas – “He is more interested in fitness, getting better at listening and following instruction. You do a great job of keeping them as focused as they can be and getting them to follow the rules.”


Fleda – Juniors – “I think it’s a very good program for kids, for teach discipline and learning how to protect them selves. Excellent program and teachers!”


Lucas – Teen Class – “I like learning different approaches to martial arts, and learning about the cultures that the different arts come from.”


Susan – Youth – “I can’t thank you all enough for your time and attention, not to mention patience and care with the kids you work with, and most specifically Quinn.” …”Today was one of those days that I felt you needed to know about, and share with you how you have touched MY son’s life~for a moment, an instant, a day…you touch his life even when you’re not there, and you needed to know that!!!”




victoria k. – “I think the teen program is one of the most fun martial arts classes, but also good for the teen who is more serious about martial arts. They teach a variety of fighting styles plus weaponry –  perfect for teenagers! You never get bored.”


King5 – The Best of Western Washington


Jody H – Student and Youth Parent! – “My two sons have also benefitted hugely from their teen class. All of the instructors are phenomenally talented, supportive and patient.”


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